Fifth edition of the SICARD – Radisson Blu Abidjan

The exphar laboratory took part in the AFRICARDIO 2021 Congress of the Ivorian Society of Cardiology (SICARD) from 4 to 7 May 2021.

exphar organised and animated a symposium on the following theme: “The control of Hypertension in Black Africans: The interest of triple therapy as seen by the cardiologist and the nephrologist” with the following speakers:

  • Pr Eloge KRAMOH, Moderator, Director General of the ICA (Abidjan Heart Institute), President of the African Society of Cardiology
  • Pr Christophe KONIN, Professor of Cardiology at the ICA
  • Pr Hubert YAO, President of the African Society of Nephrology
  • exphar representatives: Laurent HAVERBEKE & Dr Jules AKONGUHI

During this event, exphar was able to present its latest product, CARDIOVALAM H, a quality triple therapy accessible to African scholarships.