Dry eye syndrome: 3 reasons why CARBOSOL is your best ally

Pain, burning, dryness or tinging in the eye? Difficulty closing the eyelids? You may be suffering from dry eye syndrome. Affecting almost a third of the population, it can be particularly uncomfortable. If not treated in time, its symptoms can worsen and lead more serious conditions.

As you can see, it’s vital to treat this syndrome quickly and effectively. And CARBOSOL is your best ally. Here are 3 facts that prove it.

1. CARBOSOL, an ultra-effective formula against dry eye syndrome

Thanks to its powerful composition of 0.5% sodium carboxymethylcellulose – CARBOSOL is very effective in relieving the symptoms of dry eye syndrome. Its formula is designed to alleviate dry eyes, by increasing tear production and restoring natural moisture to the eyes. CARBOSOL thus offers immediate and lasting relief from symptoms, such as:




and the feeling of sand in the eyes.

Did you know ?

Dry eye syndrome is caused by insufficient tear production. Several factors can be the cause: too dry a climate, too polluted air, screens, prolonged taking of medications, smoking, etc.

2. The guarantee of excellence from the exphar laboratory, producer of CARBOSOL

Produced by the famous exphar laboratory, CARBOSOL is the result of expertise combining the best of European and African knowledge.

Please note that this laboratory, whose products are known for their effectiveness, has production sites which are all certified to European quality. A guarantee of excellence which ensures that CARBOSOL is developed according to the strictest standards, ensuring its reliability and safety of use.

In short, CARBOSOL is a quality pharmaceutical product, concocted by a recognized laboratory, and designed to offer immediate and lasting relief against dry eye syndrome.

3. Accessibility and adaptability

At exphar, we made a bet: that of a world where quality medicines are accessible to all. We are therefore very proud to be able to offer you such an effective product at a very reasonable price.

In addition, CARBOSOL is adapted to the needs of local African populations: offered in the form of drops to apply, it is easy and quick to use. Each drop brings the maximum benefit, for all budgets.

So, don’t hesitate and opt for relief from the symptoms of dry eye syndrome with CARBOSOL!

You can get CARBOSOL in pharmacies that sell exphar products.